Spending some time by the Sea

We know that being in the outdoors is good for us but specifically being near the sea may have more benefits than we realise.

If you cared to just dip your toe or even your whole body in the sea, a refreshing swim is good for the heart. The children and I often venture in each Summer. It leaves us feeling invigorated but also in fits of laughter and squeals of "brrrrrr, it's cold Mummy!" If swimming doesn't appeal, hiring a paddleboard from our friends at Barefoot Kayak in Runswick Bay, for an hour would give every muscle a gentle workout while affording you a different view of the bay. 

As a child, if I ever had a cut or a graze while galavanting about (didn't every 9 year old in the 80's climb trees and make dens?), my Mum would say - "go and wash it in the sea" rather than smothering it in cream and applying a plaster. The miracle properties of the saltwater seemed to heal the injury before my eyes or perhaps it was the cold water taking away the shock of the pain. There's no doubting that even if you think this is an old wives tale, it's proven that saltwater is good for your skin. That's why the ancient art of Thalassotherapy exists!

Seafood is good for your waistline - what's not to love with that statement. With many award winning fishmongers and suppliers nearby there's no excuse to not at least try and sample our seafood when you're here. The crab and lobster wholesaler at Staithes is open to the public. He regularly delivers our North Yorkshire coast lobsters down to London, ready to serve in the top restaurants or ship to Europe and beyond. Our "lobbies" are well travelled, but better fresh from the doorstep. If you book Sandside during the lobster season, you can order dressed lobsters direct from the owner, freshly plucked from the bay after one of his fishing trips.

Whitby Seafish located on Whitegate Close Industrial Estate in Staithes (about 3 miles away) are a wholesaler open to the public and have the best oak roasted smoked salmon, oysters, calamari, prawns, cod, haddock and more when available. Get there early!

And finally, just hearing the sound of the waves, being a little bit cut off from your phone, emails and social media and seeing a slower pace of life is always good for the soul. Give your wellbeing a boost and head to Runswick Bay this year.

Family time at Runswick Bay