Britain's Best Beach - Runswick Bay takes the top spot!

The Sunday Times have compiled a list of Britain's Best Beaches for over 12 years. Runswick previously appeared in the top 10 and was described as "Runswick is to Yorkshire as Rock is to Cornwall" For anyone who knows Rock, what an accolade!

However this year was slightly different. Journalist Chris Haslam who compiles the list, searched for beaches that don't offer much, an opportunity to get away from it all, something we've all been craving since lockdown was lifted.

And so it was, Runswick Bay topped the list as "Britain's Best Beach" for 2020. Incidentally, the rest of the top 10 were all in Devon and Cornwall - so a real feather in the cap for Yorkshire.

The Yorkshire Coast has an abundance of beautiful beaches - Runswick is not unique but what I do think this shows, those lesser known beaches are there if you find them - you just have to look a little harder. Enjoy your visit to Yorkshire!

Click to see Runswick Bay in all its glory!

Sunday Times Article