Runswick Bay - A Writers' Retreat


Runswick has long inspired the creative juices to flow of artists, photographers and writers and the peace and quiet of our cottages, offers writers in particular, a wealth of inspiration and mindfulness.

Even in the height of Summer, we have cottages that allow you to respectfully shut the door on the world. Perhaps you'd leave a window ajar just incase the laughter of children or the sound of waves lapping against the shore; the call of the seagulls or the splutter of the fishing cobles are needed to give you the angle for your next novel or journalistic piece. 

With a cafe and public house within walking distance, you don't have to venture far to engage with locals and visitors, perhaps seeking out a snippet of seaside life that will form the basis of one of your stories characters. A writers retreat can be an investment in your writing career as well as an opportunity to get away from it all.

I'm not much of a writer  - you can probably tell from my blogs - however I have had quite a few acclaimed journalists and writers stay in my cottages to finish off their masterpieces whether it be a restaurant review or a chapter in a novel.

Well known writers who have also used Runswick as a writing base are James Alfred Wight (James Herriott)Gervase Phinn , Lucy Nichol and Liz Taylorson who based her heartwarming Christmas story of love and friendship The Little Church by the Sea at Runswick Bay.

So let your pen scribble away with the ebb and tide of the North sea and book a stay in Runswick Bay.


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