Runswick Bay - The Most Romantic Place To Propose In Yorkshire

I've helped quite a few people to "pop the question" while staying with us in Runswick Bay and a proposal doesn't have to happen just at Valentines.

I've had the last minute proposers who ring a few days before their stay to ask if I can arrange flowers or champagne to the guests who have asked if I have a monopoly board so that he could use the pieces to spell out "Will You Marry Me?" 

There have been messages in the sand, messages written with pebbles and my own proposal which involved a wonderful lunch at the Moon & Sixpence in Whitby, a romantic walk up to Whitby Abbey and a return to Runswick.
By the light of the moon and the crashing of the waves in the background, my husband got down on one knee on the Old Sea Wall and popped the question. True story! We even had out honeymoon at Crab & Lobster Cottage.

If you're looking for a romantic place to propose, then look no further than Runswick Bay - one of the most romantic places to propose (also endorsed by Yorkshire Life magazine in their 10 top places to propose article)

We have a great selection of small and cosy cottages just perfect for 2 people like Pear Tree Cottage, Crab & Lobster Cottage or Sandside and I'd be happy to help with your special moment. Please just ask.

"There is a place on the Yorkshire Coast, of which poets rave and artists boast;
You'll find wherever you may stray, no prettier spot than Runswick Bay"

Rev. Joseph Toyn 1929